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Find all that is needed for playing N64 (Nintendo 64) games on PC and video game consoles that are capable of emulating n64.


This N64 emulator is a bit different from all the others. It’s open source. That means anyone who wants can participate with something and add it to the emulator. Both the source code and binary can be obtained. It now plays over 100 commercial games.


Corn is a very fast N64 emulator with sound written by ContraSF. Right now it can run many games, such as Mario64, StarFox, and Bomberman 64. There is save state support, and the speed is incredible – however, it tends to be unstable for some people, so be wary if you’re working on that important term paper. This is definitely one of the top N64 emulators, especially if you don’t have a computer which meets the beefy requirements of Nemu64. Corn requires DirectX 6.1 or higher.

Note that the 0.3 upgrade requires the 0.2 download to work.

INI by The Company Neo Flash nds rom

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