My favorite SNES Games

Some of these Super Nintendo games can still be bought from eBay and others can be downloaded from internet websites like this I one found in Google >> – I can not provide any direct links to snes roms here as that would be against WP TOS.

Secret of Mana (1.3Mo) (fr)
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi Island (1.3Mo)
Super Metroid (1.5Mo)
Adult manga 2 (293Ko)
Aerobiz supersonic (467Ko)
Battle toads & double dragon (681Ko)
Bof 2 (1713Ko)
Castlevania 4 (0.9Mo)
Combat basket (196Ko)
Cool spot (665Ko)
Chrono Trigger (3.01Mo)(fr)
Demon’s crest (1.3Mo)
Donkey Kong Country(2.6Mo)
Dragon ball Z (997Ko)
DBZ4 Hyper dimension (2.5Mo)(jap)
Dragon slayer (568Ko)
Earthworm Jim (1.9Mo)
F-ZERO (284Ko)
Final Fantasy 6 (2.2Mo)(fr)
Illusion of Time (1.6Mo)(fr)
International superstar soccer (684Ko)
Killer instinct (3.1Mo)
Legend (0.8Mo)
Magic boy (307Ko)
Mario kart (347Ko)
Mario world (340Ko)
MegaMan 7 (1.3Mo)(fr)
MegaMan 9 (2Mo)(fr)
MegaMan X (0.9Mo)(fr)
Mickey the magical quest (706Ko)
Nobunaga’s ambition (333Ko)
Parodius 2 (1.5Mo) (jap)
R-Type 3 (0.9Mo)
Rock’n Roll racing (731Ko)
Secret of Evermore (2.3Mo) (fr)
Secret of Mana (1.3Mo)(fr)
Secret of Mana 2 Seiken Deinsetsu3 (2.8Mo) (fr)
Sky blazer (588Ko)
Smash Tennis (511Ko) EXCELLENT
Starfox (0.6Mo) (fr)
Stunt race FX (569Ko)
Super Aleste (0.7Mo)  BON
Super Bomberman(0.3Mo)
Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World (1.6Mo)
Super Mario RPG (2.6Mo)(fr)
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi Island (1.3Mo)
Super Metroid (1.5Mo)
Super Probotector (0.7Mo)
Super Street Fighter 2 (2.8Mo)
Tales of Phantasia (4.5Mo) (fr)  EXCELLENT
Tatakae genshijin 2 (334Ko)
Tinytoon adventure (849Ko)
WWF (749Ko)
Zelda3 (694Ko) EXCELLENT

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    December 11, 2008

    There is no Mega Man 9 for SNES. The game is just Mega Man & Bass (Rockan & Forte). The game was released after MM8 (for whatever reason) and the fanboys started incorectly calling it MM9…oddly to this day the name stciks.

    Mega Man 9 is an entirely different game recently released for the Wii, PS2 and Xbox – has nothing to do with Mega Man & Bass.

    May 21, 2014

    As an entertainment ‘toy’, however, the magic of the 3D and Nintendo’s
    usual fabulous build quality and playful software mark it out as something special.
    So if you have boxes of old Amiga disks, NES cartridges, or
    other old gaming programs stored away somewhere, you’re in luck, otherwise you’re treading on legally shifty ground.
    N5 supports clean ROMs, Homebrews and Multimedia files with no slow-downs or hang-ups.

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