On January 28, 1999 the world saw the first Nintendo 64 emulator that ran commercial games, Ultra High Level Emulator, or UltraHLE for short, released. However, within hours of its release, it was withdrawn from the public as a result of mass rom begging. As of now, there is still only one version that is available, the intitial version 1.0.0

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» UltraHLE N64 Roms Emulator.

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  1. Since UltraHLE uses the Glide API, you will need to use a voodoo brand video card. If you do not have a voodoo card, you can use a voodoo card emulator also known as “glide wrappers” or just “wrappers”. Any of the higher quality video cards such as the Nvidia TNT/TNT2, Matrox G400, or ATI Rage128, will work quite good with wrappers provided the rest of your system is fast. Using a wrapper slows down your system since you also have to emulate a graphics API so a minimum Intel 300Mhz will produce adequate results providing you have a decent 3D card (a Trident/Sis card will not do).

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