Nintendo DSi roms Emulator

The Good and the Bad in DSi.
+ Bigger screen while maintaining +/- the same size of the console.
+ SD card slot for playing music
+ 2 cameras – 3Meg and 0.3Mpx
+ 256MB for storing downloaded games like on Wii
+ Compatible with all DS Lite games / NDS roms
+ Built-in Web Browser without a need for expansion pack
+ DS-WARE store for downloading roms from Nintendo
(hope to see some good old NES, SNES roms & n64 games)

– MP3’s are not supported – have to use less popular AAC format
– No longer has GBA cartridge slot so NO GBA games and accessories that used the SLOT-2 on NDS/DS Lite are no longer compatible with the DSi.
– DSi-only games are region-locked so handheld needs to be hacked to play DSi roms.

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