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The number of Gameboy Advance emulators on the internet is just overwhelming. But how to download the best one? Well – look for an GBA emu that can play all games plus link up for multi-player gaming and supports network play. With these specifications the list goes down to 2 and that is a lot better than trying out 30 programs.

» VBA Link
(moded version of VisualBoy Advance)

» No$GBA emulator
(NoGBA Gameboy and DS roms emu)
Download No$GBA Emulator Latest Version

and now you will most likely ask – where to download no$gba and vbalink games … not here – we can’t have them here, but use the Google search for GBA ROMs or go to this site that has a list of all the best gba romsites.

And here is a list of Gameboy Advance Emulators that I have compiled.

– Boycott Adv./SDL
– BoycottAdvance
– Gebea
– Girlfriend Advance
– Mappy VM
– No$GBA
– RascalBoy Advance
– Virtual GBA
– Visual Boy Advance
– Playboy Advance
– sGBA
– BatGBA
– DreamGBA
– EloGBA
– foolsGBA
– GBA Emu Plus
– GBAEmu
– iGBA
– PC Advance

thanks go to for helping with the list

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