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The only PSP emulator out there that I can find is capable of emulation only home made games for Sony Playstation Portable, but don’t worry – there are good news too – all versions of PSP can be eaisly hacked and when that i done and a custom M33 firmware installed on it the Portable can from there on play ISO and ROM files downloaded from the internet torrent sites. Emulators of PSX, GBA, SNES roms, SEGA Genesis and even DS games are available.

» PSXpsp – Playstation 1 for PSP (eboot files)
» PSP roms – iso file & movie downloads
» PSP isos – more of the games in torrents

PSP High Level Emulator Potemkin (codenamed DaSH) is an experimental open source PSP Emu created and by Cctor with following features. Technically inaccurately simulated PSP kernel at HLE but can mounts PSP ISOs and CSOs files while DAX roms are nt supported. If the game is in a folder Potemkin PSP Mounts Windows directory but there is no good UI for this.

Can play the most simple PSP games on PC
– Runs some PSP Demos from SDK
– Puzzle Bobble Pocket JAP
– Starts AI Go PSP emulator


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[…] Read about PSP Emulators » PSXpsp – Playstation 1 for PSP (eboot files) » PSP isos – more of the games in […]

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