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Super Nintendo Emulators for playing SNES roms on PC. Bets SNES rom emulators are:

  • ZSNES  for Windows and DOS – on of if not the best Super Nintendo emulator available. Initially was designed for DOS only, but now also for Windows XP , Vista and 98.
  • Snes9x – Super Nintendo emulator with a nice GUI, great compatibility and ports available for several systems.

» SNES Emulators
» SNES roms

Other SNES Emulators are : bsnes  SNEeSe  SnEM  ESNES DOS Geiger’s Snes9x Debugger Windows NLKE DOS NLKSNES DOS Pasofami Windows SNEeSe DOS Win32  SNem DOS Windows Source DOS Windows  SNEmul DOS SNEqr DOS Snes9k Windows Snes9x Windows Source   Snes9xGL Windows Snes9xPP SE Windows Windows Windows  Snes9x (Unofficial) Windows SNESGT Windows SNEShout Windows Super Sleuth Windows TheSE DOS USNES DOS VSMC DOS ZSNES ZSNES SourceForge ZSNES (French) zbattle.net ZSNES WIP  DOS Windows DOS Windows Windows.

» SNES.biz

If you need help installing SNES emulator on Linux go here to find instructions.

P.S. My friend Pat started a PSXpsp site a Squidoo :)
Not the smartest place to start building a site but better than nothng I think.

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